“Finding the right talent is vital for a company’s growth. Hiring is, and will always be,  your stairway to success”

Finding, recruiting and retaining brilliant employees is vital for any organisation to flourish.It is imperative to understand the client’s mampower requirements on technical, cultural, and urgency parameters to increase productivity and channelise in the right direction.So whether you need assistance to find a suitable candidate of reference check, our team of qualified and skilled professionals are here to help.

We are proud to have placed our candidates in suitable organisations where they are growing, performing well and adding value our clients’ business.


Recruitment Services

Recruitment & Selection Services: Employing at each level is an extremely complex cycle, which should bring about the development of business and reputation, which can occur by recruiting the right applicant. An off-base recruit might turn useless for the association and result in misfortune there by failing to accomplish designated objectives. It is additionally about the imminent applicant’s goals which need to match with the offer. We invest a great deal of energy in understanding the candidates and their necessities too. We work with our clients as their Recruitment Partners and believe in representing their brand and product/services in the market to create a positive impact. It not only helps them in getting a right hire but also indirectly promotes their brand and product/services to the potential job seekers. It is fundamental to comprehend customer’s needs on technical, cultural and urgency parameters. It does right by us to see applicants placed by us developing, performing great and enhancing our customer’s business. We have a group of qualified and experienced experts who engage in careful comprehension of customer prerequisites, they draw in with the HR and particular Functional groups to take point by point comprehension of the position, trailed by preparing questionnaire, creating targeted organizations, and ultimately contacting pertinent individuals. A detailed research is done on for positions we touch upon. Every applicant is put through multi-level assessment process to determine their suitability, understand their aspirations and expectations. Only after our own satisfaction about his interest and fitment we introduce him/her to the client team.

Executive Search: Our Executive Search services team consists of senior team members with 8 + years’ of average work experience, they work closely with key stake holders at client’s place, right from understanding the requirement to introducing the right candidates to their onboarding. Our process involves preparation of tentative list of professionals (through various approach like Talent Mapping, Head Hunting, Market / Competitor Mapping) who could fit the job, check their market reputation, interest, evaluate their skills and process. We do in-depth screening, evaluation, conduct required tests (on clients need basis) of introduced candidates. Introduction of shortlisted candidates includes their profile and our assessment report. Our key focus is to work on a consultative basis, coming to agreement on Job Description, CTC to be offered, regular feedback sharing on progress of search.

Diversity & Inclusion: We have been successful in fulfilling our client’s D&I objective by providing them required talent in various functions and levels. Some of them being challenging due to locational constraints, frequent travel requirements, extended working hours for which we have been able to zero down on right fit by mining our indigenous data pool as well as churning the portals, actively networking and referencing. We have been given special recognition by few of our clients for helping them meet this goal.

Human Resource Consulting Services

HR Policy/ Employee Handbook: One of our HR services includes preparation of Employee Handbook, HR Policy preparation, Leave and Attendance Policy, Performance Policy, Recruitment and Separation Policy, Ethics policy, Sexual Harassment policy amongst other key requirements. We work with mid / small sized organizations in developing their HR Policy consisting of all or some of the above-mentioned areas.

Payroll and Compliance: We do offer services like managing your payroll and compliance, this will involve scrutinizing your monthly payroll, deductions, and payment of regular statutory payments, providing leave balances, MIS support, preparation and issuance of salary slips. This service can be customized and pruned as per client’s requirement.

Learning & Development: We collaborate with some of the leading mentors, coaches and trainers in the country and can facilitate you’re training requirements. We play a role of understanding your training requirements, can suggest training programs basis your needs and to address the challenges faced by you in business. Executive Coaching by highly experienced, trained, and certified Coaches can be made available for Senior Management Professionals, CEO’s, Promoters. Our L&D Programs are available in Online as well as Offline model. These training programs can be in areas of Soft Skills Development, Communication, and Interpersonal Skills or in functional areas like Sales Training, Interview Assessment Workshops, Managerial Skill Development, Operational Excellence, Building HR Competence, amongst others.

Assessment Tests: We have collaboration with multiple test agencies and practitioners for conducting Behavioural, Psychometric, Aptitude, and Skill based tests which can be made available online with detailed analysis. We do provide senior professionals who can be a part of your interview panel and provide you their assessment of incumbent whom you are planning to hire or identify to take up a leadership role or promote.

HR Helpdesk Services: You can outsource your transactional /operational HR tasks, we do setup a HR Helpdesk for your employees and help them with support they require to know the Companies HR Policies, their leave balances, handle their queries, complains and grievances regarding any HR matter. Our senior professionals work very closely with your management team and keep them updated and help in taking meaningful decisions.